Prayer to the Unknowable

Prayer to the Unknowable Having grown up Catholic I’ve been exposed to the rudiments of prayer since a young age.  From the prescribed, formal memorization of The Lord’s Prayer to a more spontaneous prayer that voices the soul’s supplication, there seems to be a power in prayer to relieve anxiety in one’s heart.  This relief,… Read more »

How to create a Mastermind Group you have access to at any time.

Lately I’ve been reminded me of certain meditative techniques.  One of these techniques is the Council of Elders, the other is Quantum Jumping, and the last one is a meditative practice that combines elements of both that I found in a book by Serge Kahili King entitled “Urban Shaman”. The first is a technique referenced… Read more »

The Sexual Urge as a Creative Urge

The pulse within the genital physical region, its magnetic heat seeking union with another.  The goal of creation (of a child, an experience, a connection) masked as a search for pure physical pleasure.  I have to wonder if libido has a twin within the creative impulse of all humans – whether the artist, the writer,… Read more »

The Tarot Cards as an Aid in Creativity

The Tarot cards as a symbolic language can aid in jumpstarting one’s creativity and intuition.  When one communes with the symbols on a tarot card it increases one’s symbolic vocabulary, one’s mythic/archetypal vocabulary.  In this way, the world around us becomes a conversation steeped in symbolism – archetypal, mythical, spiritual, creative – all within the… Read more »

Anger Management

How anger wells up within the bosom feels like something trying to burst out of the sternum.  When it takes all one’s strength to keep it from exploding in a torrent of vitriol and violence.  When another’s choice of words are designed to hurt or make you feel small.  When their words are not wrapped… Read more »

Fear Itself

Fear is a tightening of the chest, a shackle to the ground, the knife that clips our wings.  At the beginning of anything new, often before the very first step into the perceived abyss, fear cautions and cajoles, warns, and works to keep us from starting.  We should feel this fear completely, acknowledge its presence,… Read more »

Sacred Breath

Each breath is a sacred act.  You have been given life and a moment by moment reminder of this exists within the act of breathing.  Something of such importance is given no attention by us unless it becomes difficult to do.  Breathing is automatic, until it is not, but only in those rare instances that… Read more »

An Introduction to Chakras

There are a number of paradigms that detail the structure and workings of the human energy system.  There are similarities between these systems and some differences.  There also seems to be different focuses depending on which paradigm of internal/spiritual energy one is speaking of.  Today I’d like to introduce the Indian chakra system.  This paradigm… Read more »

Qi Gong Part 1

“Chi kung” or “Qi gong” is a general term used in reference to different practices – some moving, some static, some meditative/contemplative – but all involving the accumulation, movement, and storage of “qi”.  That then leads to the question as to what is chi? That would be the part where one stumbles a bit. Qi… Read more »


One staple of healing is the use of crystals.  There is an abundant amount of crystals of all colours to work with.  They all help with different mental, physical, and spiritual issues.  There are a number of good books on the market to choose from that explain what healing properties each crystal has.  Two that… Read more »