On Death and Dementia

A close relative of mine died recently.  He was in his 80’s. I am uncertain of the cause of his death.  The most important fact for our  discussion is that the  last few years of his life were touched by the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I believe that this is one of the… Read more »

PENG: Taiji’s dominant energy

“Peng” or “Ward off” is one of the main forces (energies/techniques) used in the arsenal of Tai Chi Chuan. It has the internal, feeling-awareness, subjective feeling quality of a ball filled with air, or when in use of a boat being floated upon the ocean, in this case, you are the ocean and your opponent… Read more »

The 3 Martial Applications In Tai Chi Chuan

The Tai Chi form, whatever form you may practice, is filled with movements that can be interpreted as self-defense or martial applications. These range from the obvious, such as a punch and a kick, to the not-so-obvious, such as the movements named ” Grasping the Birds Tail’, or “Apparent Close-up.” In truth, each movement has… Read more »

The Tai Chi Form

Most of us are familiar with, to some degree or other, the slow, flowing movements of the Tai Chi Chuan form. The form is a series of interlinked flowing movements, that look like a stylized, imaginary fight with a number of opponents. This is true in a Tai Chi form, as much as it is… Read more »

Qi in Taiji

What is Qi? Is it truly a part of Taiji practice? Can it be used to augment Taiji’s martial and self-defense abilities?

The Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

Benefits The benefits of a consistent Tai Chi practice are many and varied.  These benefits fall into the categories of physical benefits, emotional benefits, and spiritual benefits.  Physical Benefits Among the physical benefits we have: The release of physical tension.Greater balance.Greater flexibility and range of motion.Increased leg strength.An increase in one’s ability to defend oneself… Read more »


Relax The master principle of all Tai Chi movement is the principle of Relaxation, looseness, ‘song’.  When one relaxes completely into the skeletal and fascial structure of one’s body, one naturally aligns one’s body with the principle of effective (effortlessly effective) body mechanics.  Aligning bodily with effortlessly effective body mechanics encourages the body to move… Read more »

Tai Chi Styles

The movement art of Tai Chi is said to have been created by an immortal by the name of Zhang Sanfeng, but much more likely it was created by the members of the Chen family from the Chen village. Tai chi is known for its many health benefits, such as improved balance, improved circulation, stress… Read more »

Prayer to the Unknowable

Prayer to the Unknowable Having grown up Catholic I’ve been exposed to the rudiments of prayer since a young age.  From the prescribed, formal memorization of The Lord’s Prayer to a more spontaneous prayer that voices the soul’s supplication, there seems to be a power in prayer to relieve anxiety in one’s heart.  This relief,… Read more »

How to create a Mastermind Group you have access to at any time.

Lately I’ve been reminded me of certain meditative techniques.  One of these techniques is the Council of Elders, the other is Quantum Jumping, and the last one is a meditative practice that combines elements of both that I found in a book by Serge Kahili King entitled “Urban Shaman”. The first is a technique referenced… Read more »