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Qi Gong Part 1

“Chi kung” or “Qi gong” is a general term used in reference to different practices – some moving, some static, some meditative/contemplative – but all involving the accumulation, movement, and storage of “qi”.  That then leads to the question as to what is chi? That would be the part where one stumbles a bit. Qi… Read more »


One staple of healing is the use of crystals.  There is an abundant amount of crystals of all colours to work with.  They all help with different mental, physical, and spiritual issues.  There are a number of good books on the market to choose from that explain what healing properties each crystal has.  Two that… Read more »

Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

I’ve practiced a healing technique for years, one involving the use of tuning forks.  This is considered a form of sound healing.  The forks are passed over or directly placed on the point on the body corresponding to the seven main energy centres or chakras of the body, as well as other energy centres.  These… Read more »

Why the language of Quantum Physics?

I’ve come across a number of healing and manifestation methods lately that use the language of quantum physics as part of their paradigm to varying degrees.  From the heavily influenced by quantum physics paradigm of Matrix Energetics, to those that sprinkle a few buzzwords lifted from the thought system of quantum physics.  In addition, many… Read more »

The Power of Prayer

I haven’t prayed in a long time.  Including a ritualized prayer recited from memory.  Nor a spontaneous prayer off the cuff.  But today I actually found myself in a posture of prayer, woefully expressing my regrets, sorrows, and shame to some intangible Other that may very well be One with me (according to some paradigms). … Read more »

The Two-Point Technique

I’ve become fascinated with a healing and transformation often called the two-point technique. I first saw it in a book by one of my favorite authors Serge Kahili King.  Serge King is a Hawaiian shaman.  The book is “Urban Shaman”. I recently discovered another modern shaman, so to speak, who also teaches a version of… Read more »

Meditation Practice

One of the most important practices for well-being is meditation.  Now there are hundreds of different meditation programs and methods out there, but ultimately they all consist of focusing on one thing at a time. This could be focusing on a mantra, an image, a detailed visualization, one’s breath, one’s inner sensations, etc. The benefits… Read more »

What is in a name?

When I did a google search for the name of this website the title of a book came up.  This book is entitled Positive Energy Practices. It is written by an intuitive named Dr. Judith Orloff.  I had no idea that the title I chose for this website was also the title of a book.… Read more »