5 ways to powerful feelings without drowning in them.

by | April 15, 2021

At one time or another, many have found themselves bombarded by a deluge of feelings, both positive and negative.  These feelings can arise due to an event,  memory,  future projection, or even rumination on a theme or topic.  When these feelings occur so that you begin to feel overwhelmed, then it is good to have processes and techniques that help you not to become overwhelmed by either negative or positive emotions.

How to release the pressure of intense feelings safely

Some things that may help are:

  1. Breathwork.
  2. Ho’oponopono
  3. Observe one’s thoughts (be the witness)
  4. The Sedona Method (Release)
  5. Systema

Breathwork or deep, natural breathing helps to clear negative emotions.  One can breathe away the excess energy of emotions and return to a neutral baseline.

Self-identification Ho’oponopono is a new form of an old healing process from Hawaii.  It involves cleaning the negative patterns and emotions that arise through the repetition of particular phrases.  These phrases are: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”, or any combination thereof.

Another method is to observe one’s thoughts as they arise.  One does this as a detached observer, identifying with the witness consciousness rather than the thoughts themselves or the ego.

The Sedona method of releasing emotions along with their accompanying thoughts is also excellent.  There are many techniques associated with the Sedona Method, but the simplest ones ( and the main one) are as follow:  Ask yourself the following questions: What am I feeling right now?  Could I welcome or allow this feeling?  Would I welcome or allow this feeling?  Could I let this feeling go?  Would I let this feeling go?  When would I let this go?

The design of Systema’s breathing techniques and bodywork is to help in the release of emotions through the release of tension.