7 Steps to Passions and Fulfilling, Awesome Career Choices

by | April 2, 2021

What are your passions?

What about your passion could be used in service to others? To the environment? The world?  Can your love be tweaked in such a way that it becomes your great work, or at least your excellent work for right now?

Many of us feel lost, feel like we spend our working hours at a job that isn’t fulfilling, that isn’t contributing to the greater good, that isn’t helping anyone in any way.  Sometimes you need to change the way you look at your current work to find some satisfaction and contribution in your work.  It would be best to have a drastic change within your work life and career to achieve this feeling of pride and contribution.

 Some do not wish to have their passion(s) become a part of their work-life for fear that it would taint their love somehow with the stigma of “work” or “job” within their mind and thus change their former passion into drudgery.  These people think that work is work, leisure activities are leisure activities, “and never the twain shall meet” to haphazardly paraphrase and quote the author Samuel Clemens. 

Regardless, how can we go about discovering what would be meaningful work for us?  Let’s examine this step-by-step.

  1. Firstly, list all the hobbies, passions, and activities that bring you joy and put you in a state of “flow.” The flow state is intensely focused, and hours go by, but it only feels like minutes to you.
  2. Go through each item individually and brainstorm jobs or careers that have or could potentially have those listed items as a component, however small a component that may be.
  3. Highlight the career or jobs you’ve listed that could potentially incorporate two or more of your passions into them.
  4. List the highlighted jobs/careers in order. You are starting the list with employment that incorporates most of your passions.
  5. Pick from the top half of this new list the jobs or careers that you could feasibly get into with the least amount of effort or further education or experience.
  6. Rank the jobs you chose from step five in order of preference.
  7. Go for it.  Get the ball rolling in the direction of the jobs and careers you’ve chosen.

Good Luck!