Anger Management

by | October 29, 2017

How anger wells up within the bosom feels like something trying to burst out of the sternum.  When it takes all one’s strength to keep it from exploding in a torrent of vitriol and violence.  When another’s choice of words are designed to hurt or make you feel small.  When their words are not wrapped in love, but based with scorn perhaps, or disdain.  How does one deal with the feeling of red hot anger that wells up inside?  Threatening to burst or burn you up?  How does one let go of one’s anger, or at least soften it, dilute it?  How does one feel safe and loved again?

Perhaps one can use a mantra repeated over and over internally in order to calm oneself down.  Perhaps a word or phrase that invokes images of peace, calm or love, or gratitude, or any positive emotion, to slide into the place of anger.  Or one could use the Ho’oponopono phrase (“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”) to shift to another focus.  The Ho’oponopono phrase is said to be able to clear certain energies and emotions from one’s self and one’s life.  It is essentially a prayer for clearing. 

One could also use the clearing statement of Access Consciousness to clear oneself of the energy of anger – though it does sound like gibberish, it does seem to work, at the very least in shifting one’s focus.

Another tool is the use of the Sedona Method which involves asking oneself a series of questions that ultimately lead to the letting go or releasing of one’s incessant feeling.  There are a number of techniques used in the Sedona Method for achieving this, but the simplest are the following questions: 

1.      “What am I feeling right now?”

2.      “Could I welcome or allow this feeling?”

3.      “Could I let this feeling go?”

4.      “When could I let this feeling go?”

These questions can be repeated and answered over and over again until the overwhelming feeling is released, or at least lessened.  This method involves feeling what you feel completely in order to let it naturally pass through you, to be released. It reminds me of the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear from the Dune Science Fiction series.