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Marvelous, Magnificent Mountain Magick for One And All

So, I just returned from Northern Alberta.   It was a five-day vacation, mostly centred on hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies.  There is a different energy to the nature and majesty of mountains and their surrounding environment.   It is something almost palpable.  The energy and joy the mountains provide is not… Read more »

What the F is Pilates?

Pilates Vs Yoga So what exactly is Pilates?  Is it the same as Yoga?  Yoga is a form of exercise, mindfulness practice, and spiritual practice developed in India millennia ago, and there are varying training styles.  Pilates, on the other hand, is about eighty years old.  Joseph Pilates created Pilates.  Before World War II, Joseph… Read more »

Tension-Free: 7 Amazing Benefits

The release of tension in the body can lead to the release of unconscious memories to the conscious mind. This is true because we can suppress painful or traumatic experiences by unconsciously tensing certain parts of our musculature. There is also anecdotal and subjective evidence to support this, such as the spontaneous tears that may… Read more »