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Shamanism: An Introduction to the Healing Art of the Shaman

Introduction You are lying on a stone outcropping in a verdant forest.  Your eyes are closed, and you wait in anticipation touched with fear, for everything to begin.  You hear the low murmuring of the man with you; the man standing above you.  He is said to be a healer, and you need some serious… Read more »

How to create a Mastermind Group you have access to at any time.

Lately I’ve been reminded me of certain meditative techniques.  One of these techniques is the Council of Elders, the other is Quantum Jumping, and the last one is a meditative practice that combines elements of both that I found in a book by Serge Kahili King entitled “Urban Shaman”. The first is a technique referenced… Read more »

Why the language of Quantum Physics?

I’ve come across a number of healing and manifestation methods lately that use the language of quantum physics as part of their paradigm to varying degrees.  From the heavily influenced by quantum physics paradigm of Matrix Energetics, to those that sprinkle a few buzzwords lifted from the thought system of quantum physics.  In addition, many… Read more »

The Wonderful 2-Point /Two-Point Technique

I’ve become fascinated with healing and transformation often called the two-point technique. I first saw it in a book by one of my favourite authors Serge Kahili King.  Serge King is a Hawaiian shaman.  The book is “Urban Shaman”. The Two-Point Technique of Matrix Energetics I recently discovered another modern shaman, so to speak, who… Read more »