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Breathwork as the 1 best way to release tension

The single most important component of all meditation practices and soft style martial arts is Breathwork.  If Breathwork is the most important component, then relaxation/looseness and sensitivity come second and third respectively. It is Breathwork that can facilitate a greater relaxation in the body and the psyche. This relaxation in turn makes it easier to… Read more »

The 3 Wonderful Benefits of Solitude

On the benefits of solitude. Solitude is a word that can feel negative or positive, depending on each person’s pre-conceived ideas of the word’s true meaning. If one associates the word with a feeling of loneliness, then a negative association becomes a part of the word. However, if solitude conjures up images of reverie or… Read more »

Greatest 1 Son of God?

Who is the son of God? Jesus is often referred to as the Son of God, though he is not the only one in the Bible who has been referred to in this way. David, springs to mind of another individual who was given this moniker. We usually assume that in reference to Jesus “Son… Read more »

The Sexual Urge as a Creative Urge

The pulse within the genital physical region, its magnetic heat seeking union with another.  The goal of creation (of a child, an experience, a connection) masked as a search for pure physical pleasure.  I have to wonder if libido has a twin within the creative impulse of all humans – whether the artist, the writer,… Read more »

What is in a name?

When I did a google search for the name of this website the title of a book came up.  This book is entitled Positive Energy Practices. It is written by an intuitive named Dr. Judith Orloff.  I had no idea that the title I chose for this website was also the title of a book.… Read more »