Do Angels Exist in Our Wonderful World?

by | May 9, 2020

On Angels

Here’s a question for you: Do you believe in Angels? That’s such a specific question. Many of us believe in a higher, often, undefined general power, but to believe in entities as individual in their roles and powers as angels may be difficult for some of us.

If we were to believe in angels, how would we even define the term “Angel”? As far as I’m aware, the term ‘Angel’ means ‘messenger’, and probably more specifically ‘messenger of God’. Who are they bringing messages to? To us humans? To animals? To plants? To other unseen forces? Perhaps to all of these and more?

In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Angel Lore, each angel has a specific role to play, and specific aspects of life and reality to oversee, though there is not always complete agreement on what these individual roles and powers consist of.

To even use the term ‘individual’ in reference to Angels could be construed as a complete misunderstanding of the nature of Angels. They are often thought of as personified qualities and aspects of the greater, all-encompassing godhead (or of reality itself?). The question arises: is the separation and of anthropomorphisation of these powers and qualities a reality of their existence, or the only way our minds can envision them without going mad?

Now, let’s assume that you do believe in the existence of Angels, do you also believe that Angels can directly act upon our reality in order to change it according to our requests and prayers? Is the influence they have on reality, or multiple realities, for that matter, a purely energetic influence or can they take on a physical form of their own, however brief, in order to influence reality in a more hands-on, physical way?

Should we assume that any interference they partake in always directly influences the reality to specifically give us what we prayed for? Or should we believe that our prayers may be answered indirectly, if at all? Should we also believe that if our prayer is not answered that it is for our greater good or greater growth? What if our prayers are answered, but not in the way we asked, or not with the exact result we prayed for? Maybe something equivalent, or close enough, or better?

Also, are prayers and requests to God, and/or the angels nothing more than techniques that put into motion the law of attraction? Does it matter, as long as we get what we desire, or the nearest equivalent? Should the truth be measured by how well the paradigm works to achieve our goals? Do any of the answers to these questions actually matter? Do the questions themselves actually matter? Let’s try to answer all these questions.

The Nature of Angels

It is safe to assume that a non-corporeal entity like an angel would appear to us as our preconceived notions of such a thing would dictate, because such an entity of qualities beyond our ken would be unfathomable to us in its true appearance. It may very well be within an angels power to take on a corporeal appearance to our five senses, that is if we are to assume that an angel is an aspect of God.

If we believe that an infinite power such as God can do anything (i.e. Is all-powerful), then that would include the power to join his creation as a physical life-form. Therefore, if an angel shares in the infinite power of God in some way, then an angel would theoretically be able to join our reality as a physical life-form also. Subjectively, this is anecdotally apparent in the stories of those who have been helped by who they believe to have been an angel made flesh because of their perfect timing in suddenly arriving in one’s life to help with or heal a certain, sometimes hopeless, situation, and just as suddenly disappearing from one’s life when their help is no longer needed.
I tend to believe that your prayer will be answered in such a way as to cause the least amount of disruption to reality required to fulfill your request. If reality just needs a little nudge to get you on the path to your prayer being answered (i.e. your goal), then that is what will occur. Sometimes that little nudge is also an internally felt intuitive nudge for you to get off your ass and take some action in pursuit of your goal(s).

Oftentimes, your prayer is answered in a way you did not, or could not, envision or expect. When this occurs, your prayers have been answered, your goal achieved, by giving you the nearest equivalent because it required the least disruption to present reality. When massive interference or disruption of reality occurs, it is because it is a life and death situation with only mere moments available to influence a positive outcome.

Sometimes your prayer doesn’t seem to be answered at all. If we are of a more positive attitude, we may assume that the achievement of this particular goal we prayed for would have been detrimental to us in some way, usually to our spiritual growth and learning in this lifetime.

You may disagree, but I can see that this whole process of prayer and faith in God and Angels to help us can be interpreted (seen) as an anthropomorphic conceptualization of the Law of Attraction process… at least to a degree.
If it works for you in your life, then it doesn’t matter either way.