Fear Itself

by | September 27, 2017

Fear is a tightening of the chest, a shackle to the ground, the knife that clips our wings.  At the beginning of anything new, often before the very first step into the perceived abyss, fear cautions and cajoles, warns, and works to keep us from starting.  We should feel this fear completely, acknowledge its presence, but afterward we have two choices:

1.      We can step out on faith anyway.  OR

2.      Have a discussion with the fear (in your mind) as though the fear was an entity unto itself. 

Your purpose with this discussion is to see what the fear is truly about – the heart of the matter, so to speak, rather than some vague “I’m just afraid, that’s all.”  After some time of asking the fear what it truly is about at its core and discovering this (the answer may not be what was initially divulged as a knee-jerk answer to the question of what the heart of the fear is)… then you can address this fear with more questions, such as “What is the worst that can happen?”, “Am I okay with that?”, “What is the actual likelihood of what I fear coming to pass? On a scale of 1-100?”

Most often the likelihood of one’s feared outcomes coming to pass is small.  This in itself will lessen the intensity of the fear immensely, thus allowing you to step over the fear onto the first stepping stone or rung of the ladder leading to your goal.

Fear can be your friend, so do pay attention, but let the ultimate decision be with you, with a combination of your logic and intuition… with a slightly greater emphasis on the input of your intuition.