Magick as a 1 Powerful Form of Meditation

by | May 14, 2020

The purpose of each magickal ritual is known beforehand. The purpose of each ritual is quite varied. These include: increased wealth, increased influence and power, seduction, self- knowledge, finding love, hindering an enemy, inner peace, and healing oneself and others.

Magick and Meditation

There are specific rituals whose purpose is self-knowledge or the improvement of one’s character. These rituals are directly geared toward a meditative and/or contemplative orientation toward one’s life and being. Some of these rituals have as a goal, the goal of all mystical practice: union with the divine or union with the oneness of all existence.

In Western Magick this is often couched in terms of union with one’s Holy Guardian Angel or something of the sort. In addition to this practice, there is also invocation or evocation of an Angel (or Daemon) in order to communicate with them or to imbue oneself with a particular quality that is the Angel’s inheritance.

Leaving the specialized meditative and contemplative rituals aside, we can see that the focus and intention required to perform any ritual is a meditative practice. Performing a magical ritual demands a high degree of mindfulness and focus to perform correctly.

Therefore, any ritual can be a form of mindfulness and meditation and practice. Even the preparation for a ritual is a practice in present-moment awareness.

Magick is a wonderful practice for what it can accomplish, but it is also wonderful in itself for the focus and presence it in genders within its practitioners.