Move from the Centre

by | April 13, 2020

The Dantien

What is traditionally called the Dantien has an important place in the discussion of Tai Chi.  The Dantien is said to be an energy point/nexus located approximately 2 inches bellow the navel, but within the body.  It is often said to be a reservoir of what is often called ‘chi’ in Chinese.  Whether it truly is a storage point for chi energy or not is irrelevant for our purposes.  What we shall focus on is the fact that it is the centre of the body – the balance point, the empty hub at the entre of the wheel around which the spokes and rim move about.  In the wheel analogy – the hub directs all movement.  Within the body proper, movement directed from revolving about this centre axis point is movement of greater efficiency and grace – i.e. Taiji movement

How To Move From The Centre

            How does one move from the centre?  It isn’t as difficult as one would think.  Having a conscious awareness of this centre-point will naturally, in time, develop day-to-day movement from the centre-point.  Wherein centre-point awareness initiates movement through space.  There is a certain intelligence associated with this area of the body.  We speak of this body intelligence/centre-intelligence when we say things like: “I just had a gut feeling.”, “My gut tells me not to trust this person.”, etc.

Shifting your awareness from your head to your centre naturally helps in sinking your weight into the ground, and relaxing the body.

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