Nasal Breathing: 4 Excellent Benefits

by | February 4, 2021

Breath is the most crucial function for the existence of human life.  We all know this, but we are not all aware of the most beneficial form of breathing.  In this case, I am referring to nasal breathing.

There are many benefits to Nasal breathing, and we shall list them in detail here.

  •  Firstly, Nasal breathing can be a great aid in reducing one’s anxiety.  The gentle rhythm pattern of nostril breathing engages our parasympathetic nervous system, which is the system that is the opposite of the one responsible for the flight or fight stress response.
  • Nasal breathing can induce a zen-like calm. This state of peace is a further endowment of nasal breathing that occurs past the stage of anxiety-relief.  The changeover to this stage from the first stage is a subtle one that is barely perceptible. 

It does this by bringing a greater focus on the present moment.  Living fully in the now is a courageous act.  It is a heroic act because it requires a forgoing of our usual self-numbing activities.  These self-numbing activities are all those addictions we have that prevent us from feeling our uncomfortable feelings.  These feelings are drowned out or covered over by such distracting activities as drinking alcoholic beverages, ingesting copious amounts of high sugar, high-fat foods, pornography, sex, masturbation, drugs, etc.

  • Intuitive insights. The byproduct of the progressive states of calm from the reduction of anxiety and turning off of the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight) to the turning on of the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation response) is an increase in one’s intuitive abilities and thus the number of intuitive insights one receives.  These insights can keep one safe, increase one’s luck, and increase one’s success and well-being.
  • Nasal breathing also acts as an aid to sleep.  Since nasal breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and this nervous system is responsible for inducing the relaxation response, it is logical that greater relaxation would be a sleep aid.

These are just some of the excellent benefits of nostril breathing.