6 Martial Art in Wolverine’s Powerful Arsenal

Wolverine is the best at what he does, but what Wolverine does best isn’t very nice.  Wolverine is the best at killing his enemies, often through the bloodiest, most savage means.  Wolverine has lived upon the earth for decades.  Wolverine was exposed to many fighting styles, as a student or on the receiving end of… Read more »

5 ways to powerful feelings without drowning in them.

At one time or another, many have found themselves bombarded by a deluge of feelings, both positive and negative.  These feelings can arise due to an event,  memory,  future projection, or even rumination on a theme or topic.  When these feelings occur so that you begin to feel overwhelmed, then it is good to have… Read more »

2 Startling, Happy Differences Between Men and Women?

Are the differences between men and women as distinctive as we believe?  Are men indeed from Mars and Women from Venus?  Sometimes it can feel as though we are from different planets, but are we indeed that different? What are the differences between men and women? We can approach this question using the paradigm of… Read more »

7 Steps to Passions and Fulfilling, Awesome Career Choices

What are your passions? What about your passion could be used in service to others? To the environment? The world?  Can your love be tweaked in such a way that it becomes your great work, or at least your excellent work for right now? Many of us feel lost, feel like we spend our working… Read more »

Mystical Experience as Arcana: Frightening and Powerfully Ineffable

Mystical experience can be so ineffable that to attempt to describe it in words diminishes it somewhat and fails inexorably to even touch upon the experience.  Much of the literature on mysticism speaks of these experiences’ ineffable quality, whether the experience is one of deep insight or union. Seeking a union with or a glimpse… Read more »

Nasal Breathing: 4 Excellent Benefits

Breath is the most crucial function for the existence of human life.  We all know this, but we are not all aware of the most beneficial form of breathing.  In this case, I am referring to nasal breathing. There are many benefits to Nasal breathing, and we shall list them in detail here.  Firstly, Nasal… Read more »

The 3 Great Fighting Distances.

In fighting and self-defence, there are only three fighting distances.  These ranges are long-distance, medium-range, and close, or short range.  Long-Distance Fighting Range Of these three, the first is the long-distance range is when you have the most options regarding your response when confronting potential danger.  In this fighting distance, you can choose to run… Read more »

Intuition: 1 Way to a Great, Happy Life

We all have intuition. We all have inner promptings from the still, small voice within us… but not all of us listen to and act upon its urgings.  In fact, for many of us, the cacophony of chatter within our minds drowns out the soft-spoken voice of our intuition. If we were to clear away… Read more »

Breathwork as the 1 best way to release tension

The single most important component of all meditation practices and soft style martial arts is Breathwork.  If Breathwork is the most important component, then relaxation/looseness and sensitivity come second and third respectively. It is Breathwork that can facilitate a greater relaxation in the body and the psyche. This relaxation in turn makes it easier to… Read more »

Tension-Free: 7 Amazing Benefits

The release of tension in the body can lead to the release of unconscious memories to the conscious mind. This is true because we can suppress painful or traumatic experiences by unconsciously tensing certain parts of our musculature. There is also anecdotal and subjective evidence to support this, such as the spontaneous tears that may… Read more »