The 5 Best Home Workout Equipment

by | April 23, 2020

Best Home Workout Equipment

So you want to get into better shape, but you don’t want to join a gym.  I felt the same way once.  I felt embarrassed to be working out in front of others, in particular, because it was a brand new activity for me (though a necessary one).  So I set up a home gym.  I’ll tell you what I think is the best home workout equipment I used, what I wish I used, and what I wanted but could never afford.

My list of best home workout equipment:


A good set of dumbbells are one of the best and most versatmile pieces of home workout equipment to have.  In addition, they are affordable.  You can get a full body workout by doing different exercises with dumbbells and using a variety of weights. Dumbbells are my mainstay home workout equipment.

Rowing Machine

An indoor rowing machine, also called an ergometer, or “erg” by rowers, is the best home workout equipment that I could not afford.  Oh, how I want one, but they are truly out of my price range.  Having said that, if you can afford this home workout equipment, do get it.  The “erg” provides a dynamite full body workout.  It hits all the sweet spots: it blasts your cardio, it targets your large muscles with a resistance workout, and it even provides some flexibility work.

Pull Up Bar

Pull up bars are great…and very affordable.  The main benefit of this home workout equipment is the convenience.  I have an extending door frame pull up bar in my bedroom closet door frame.  I knock off a few pull ups and chin ups as soon as I wake in order to get the blood flowing.  The only complaint I have about pull up bars as home workout equipment is the lack of versatility in exercises.  You are limited in the number of different exercises and body parts that you can strengthen with a pull up bar. I still love them though.


Kettlebells are awesome.  When it comes to home workout equipment, kettlebells are definitely one of my favorites.  They are as versatile as dumbbells, and you can do many of the same exercises as you would use dumbbells for.  Also, one of the best full body exercises I know is the Kettlebell Swing.  

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are another very versatile, affordable, and portable piece of home workout equipment.  You can bring them on a business trip for a hotel room workout, or on a camping trip.  There are a number of strength-training exercises you can do with this awesome home workout equipment.

Suspension Straps

This home workout equipment is new to me, and I can’t say I have ever tried them.  Nonetheless, suspension straps look like a lot of fun.  They are relatively affordable, and seem to me to be multi-faceted in their usage.  Suspension straps are a type of home workout equipment that uses your body weight to provide resistance, stability, and balance-training.  Increasing the angle at which you perform the exercise will increase resistance… essentially forcing you to pull or push more of your own weight.

These are some of the home workout equipment that I have used, or wish I had used, or wish I could use.  Ultimately the most important 3 questions to ask about home workout equipment are: 

  1. Is this home workout equipment within my budget to purchase? 
  2. Are the exercises I will be doing with this home workout equipment enjoyable for me? 
  3. Can I see myself committing to a long-term exercise program using this home workout equipment?

I hope that this helps.

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