The Sexual Urge as a Creative Urge

by | December 13, 2017

The pulse within the genital physical region, its magnetic heat seeking union with another.  The goal of creation (of a child, an experience, a connection) masked as a search for pure physical pleasure. 

I have to wonder if libido has a twin within the creative impulse of all humans – whether the artist, the writer, the entrepreneur, the builder, the teacher- to create something, to communicate something, to join in an abstract union with the observer/enjoyer of your work, the user of your product or service, the one who has benefited from your teachings, etc.

Is the creative urge just the libidinal/sexual urge sublimated/redirected toward a different goal?  I have to wonder if this is so.  And is a depletion of the sexual juices, if you will, a resulting depletion of the creative juices?  And what, and where is the place of memory and nostalgia in the creative process?  Music, tastes, smells, visual cues…any stimulation of the five senses can trigger a nostalgic episode tinged with sorrow, possibly regret and longing… often longing.  Creativity/imagination is often a synthesis, that can lead to something completely new.

Now, if the creative act is a mental/spiritual twin of the sexual act, would I recommend that one forego the sexual act for the act of creativity?  No, not necessarily, because balance is key and the passionate fire of the sex act can sometimes stimulate creative ideas, especially in the afterglow conversation with a partner you actually love and care for.

Ultimately, balance is the prescription: have sex, build, teach, connect, create… but nothing to excess, for one’s sanity and stability of course.