The Tarot Cards as an Aid in Creativity

by | November 7, 2017

The Tarot cards as a symbolic language can aid in jumpstarting one’s creativity and intuition.  When one communes with the symbols on a tarot card it increases one’s symbolic vocabulary, one’s mythic/archetypal vocabulary.  In this way, the world around us becomes a conversation steeped in symbolism – archetypal, mythical, spiritual, creative – all within the day-to-day life flow of the mundane. 

A butterfly flitting across the flowers now invokes thoughts, and mayhap a meditation on the theme of metamorphosis, where it was once before just a passing curiosity.  The dinner table has its symbolism of communion, of breaking bread with one’s fellow human beings – a fellowship with friends, family and other visitors.

When the mundane is transformed, through symbolic/mythical/ shamanistic thinking into the magical, then one’s relationship with the muses has opened to greater communication and initiation into a greater depth of experience.  Whatever art form you choose: dance, music, painting; or whether life itself is your canvas – the symbolic communication of the tarot can seed the growth of creativity through its encouragement of mythical, shamanic, symbolic thinking.  And this my friend can only further enrich one’s life.