Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

by | July 13, 2016

I’ve practiced a healing technique for years, one involving the use of tuning forks.  This is considered a form of sound healing.  The forks are passed over or directly placed on the point on the body corresponding to the seven main energy centres or chakras of the body, as well as other energy centres.  These other energy centres are found at the toes, fingertips, soles of the feet, knees, above the head, and between the heart and throat chakra.  The premise is to loosen any stuck or crystallized energy within the chakra by vibrating the corresponding tuning fork, then spiraling this energy up to the heavens, source, or whatever you wish to call it. 

After having done this clearing of the chakras, one places the hands in strategic places and acts as a conduit for divine, universal, healing energy.  So we went from a sound healing to a laying on of hands.  Lastly, the aura is sealed with the hands or the fork corresponding to the energy centres in the feet to create a grounding of the changes having taken place through the process that just occurred.

That is the most basic tuning process of the human biofield that I know.  There are more intricate, additional techniques that can be added for deeper connecting of energy centres and healing.  These include passing each fork along meridian lines and through the entire width of the aura at each chakra point. The above method was taught to me by Christopher Tims.

I’ve recently discovered that one can also start at the edge of the aura and slowly “comb” the aura looking for any areas of stuck, or disharmonic energy.  One can feel the resistance when there is stuck energy, or perhaps hear a change in the sound of the tuning fork that indicates a disharmony.  One works on this area of disharmony or stuck energy in the aura repeatedly with the tuning fork until the resistance is cleared and/or there is a change in the sound of the fork that indicates greater harmony.   From what I understand once the stuck energy is loosened, it can be dragged using the tuning fork to be re-incorporated into the corresponding energy centre for recycling and re-use.  This method comes from Eileen Day Mckusick.