What is in a name?

by | February 18, 2016

When I did a google search for the name of this website the title of a book came up.  This book is entitled Positive Energy Practices. It is written by an intuitive named Dr. Judith Orloff.  I had no idea that the title I chose for this website was also the title of a book.  I am not certain what the book is about : Energy Healing?  Energy conservation?  Green practices?  I haven’t investigated yet. Perhaps there is a correlation between the contents of the book and my particular obsessions.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.

I wanted to use the acronym P.E.P. in order to title my blog PEP Talk (which my twisted mind finds clever), Positive Energy Practices was simply the best title I could come up with that fit the acronym.  I Maybe I should have researched the title before using it.  Perhaps that is indicative of a look before you leap mentally…or of someone fixated on a specific name for their website.  Be that as it may, I apologize to Dr. Orloff for having appropriated, however unintentionally, the title of her book for the domain name of my website.

Many blessings.