What the F is Pilates?

by | April 18, 2022

Pilates Vs Yoga

So what exactly is Pilates?  Is it the same as Yoga? 

Yoga is a form of exercise, mindfulness practice, and spiritual practice developed in India millennia ago, and there are varying training styles.  Pilates, on the other hand, is about eighty years old.  Joseph Pilates created Pilates.  Before World War II, Joseph Pilates lived in England, where he was teaching the British Police Service self-defence.  After the war broke out, Joseph Pilates was put into an internment camp because of his German nationality.  He used the methodology he had developed to realign and heal the bodies of injured people that came into the internment camp.  There are several principles involved in the practice of Pilates.  We will explore these a bit also.

Benefits of Pilates

The emphasis of Pilates is on strengthening your core and improving your mobility.  One will be able to move more unrestrained and with more grace.  Mobility can include flexibility, but it is not flexibility exclusively.  There is also the importance of lengthening the muscles in Pilates practice.  Mobility is more all-encompassing than just flexibility.  Mobility also includes an element of flexibility, but it also provides strength and good posture and stabilizes the body.  Stabilizing the body is accomplished by focusing on strengthening the whole core. 

This incredible focus on core strength leads to spinal alignment and good posture.  Rounding the lower back or sticking out your arse are also signs of poor spinal alignment and posture.  Staying in one posture for too long can also lead to misalignment of the spine.  The act of accomplishing differing movements with an attitude of play allows you to improve those movements, strengthen the body, lengthen the muscles, improve flexibility, and iron out any imbalances in the body.