Who am I?


“Who are you really?”, She asked.  Sadly, I couldn’t give her a valid answer because she was inquiring about who I am at my core, and that is something I have yet to discover in any depth. I could give her my name: Sam, but that is just a label; my age?, job status?, spiritual beliefs?, marital status?…again not a true answer to her question just roles to be played, and numbers denoting “time” spent in this particular physical existence.

Luckily for the purposes of this website my name and why I wish to pursue this endeavor is sufficient.  My name you already know.  My purpose in creating this website is to share some of my obsessions with you.  These include:  Energy Healing, Martial Arts, Meditation, Tarot, Writing, Visual Arts, Food, Exercise, and other varied subjects that are too numerous to mention.  So, let our rallying call be: “Let’s explore!”  And many blessings to you all.