Why the language of Quantum Physics?

by | July 6, 2016

I’ve come across a number of healing and manifestation methods lately that use the language of quantum physics as part of their paradigm to varying degrees.  From the heavily influenced by quantum physics paradigm of Matrix Energetics, to those that sprinkle a few buzzwords lifted from the thought system of quantum physics.  In addition, many of these techniques recommend going into a theta state to initiate, command, intend, and/or witness a transformation in a client’s body or life.

Perhaps using the language of quantum physics lends some sort of legitimacy and connection to modern science for these techniques, and it definitely makes it easier to have the technique understood and possibly accepted by those of the modern world.  Using words like “waves”, “particles”, “morphic fields”, and other words used within the realm of modern physics may be easier to digest mentally than typically used words to describe energy healing, such as “chi”, “chakras”, “meridians”, “gridlines”, etc.

Now the insistence on entering a theta state is because one supposedly is in an unhindered, unfiltered connection with the creator of all, God, the highest power, whatever you wish to call it.  Is that so?  I don’t know.  Theta is as close to a state of deep sleep one can get and still be aware.  How does one actually enter this state anyway?  One book suggests rolling your eyes back during a meditative state to look up into the top of one’s head in order to access the theta state.  For real?  Perhaps.  Who am I to say that this isn’t a valid way to achieve Theta?