Why Yantra Meditation is Awesome

by | April 27, 2020

What is a Yantra? Yantra is a Sanskrit term denoting an image, religious or spiritual in character, often symbolic, used as a visual focal point of meditative practice, much like a mantra is an audio focus of meditation.

Obviously we don’t have to abide by strict protocol when choosing an image for Yantra meditation. We are not confined to Hindu artwork depicting the symbols that represent Sanskrit seed-sounds, like “Om”.

Likewise, we are not restricted to only symbols and images that fall within the purview of Hindu iconography and symbology. We can choose the image for our Yantra contemplation from any spiritual, sacred, secular, pop culture, or self-created source. Vibrant colors in a Yantra image are not strictly necessary, but color definitely helps to maintain your interest and attention

Yantra meditation would have the same benefits as any meditation practice (see the post on the benefits of meditation). In addition to the typical benefits of meditation, Yantra meditation has the added benefit of imprinting a chosen image of personal importance in our conscious mind and then filtering this image into our subconscious. A Yantra can also be used as a gateway into a Shamanic Journeying session. A post on Shamanic Journeying is to follow soon.

Add Yantra meditation to your box of contemplative tools. You won’t be disappointed.